Good Fashion, Good Vibes

Good Fashion, Good Vibes


While we definitely adore flooding your warm-weather wishlist with our newest fashion releases over at, there is one thing that gets us even more excited: connecting with you over our most favorite topic, fashion. You see, just like your overly excited BFF, we tend to fill your days with fashion-related content as well as beauty, positivity, self-love, and you are here just in time! "Good Fashion, Good Vibes" is our newly- founded blog, which aims to empower authentic individuality through fashion. 

 We strongly believe that for a versatile wardrobe to be truly complete, it needs to include a mix of timeless, all-year-round pieces and some much-loved seasonal trends. And, we are planning on sharing everything with you love, just wait and see. Sharing is caring babe, and friends don't let their friends miss out on the next biggest trend of the season, or skip their daily self-care routine - we've got you covered! 

 No matter if you are a fashion lover, a preppy dress hoarder, or simply enjoy reals words about self-love, self-care, and motivation, all you have to do is show up and get your dose of content from "Good Fashion, Good Vibes." 

 Good Fashion, Good Vibes' Big Sister 

 Since day one, Category London's vision was to dress you in hella cute, trendy clothes that speak to your own personal style and individual personality no matter your budget. From casual, everyday styles to elegant and utterly chic assemblies for your special date, our goal has always been to offer you yet another reason to look and feel gorgeous and confident exactly as you are. 

 Physical appearance is only our “wrapping”, and here, at Category London, we aspire to help you embrace your inner beauty and let it be reflected effortlessly on the outside. There is something stunning about a woman glowing from within, as she finally decides to show her true, unapologetic self. So, rest assured, babe, that Good Fashion, Good Vibes is about to become an extension of that. 

 Get a quick glimpse of what's next: 

 We certainly don't want to jinx it or anything, but it's safe to say that for us, no conversation is off-limits. We aim to dive deep into subjects of self-love, do some much-needed self- exploration of our own, tackle some of the most common fashion struggles (aka "I still have nothing to wear), and much more. We would love nothing more than for you to tune in each time a new article pops up so we can get to know each other, share our thoughts, and style some killer outfits in the process.  

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