Summer Styling Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer Styling Tips to Beat the Heat


To make your life a tiny bit easier, we rounded up some clever ways to keep your cool-girl vibe while preventing yourself from melting. 

If faux fur is winter’s foolproof way of keeping ourselves from freezing to death, lightweight fabrics are her vacay-ready cousin; and we definitely need a slew of summer fashion styles to keep us cool and on-trend through the sunny season.

If you live by the beach or simply love having your regular strolls in the city, putting your trust in the best summer styling tips to beat the heat is a no-brainer.

To make your life a tiny bit easier, we rounded up some clever ways to keep your cool-girl vibe while preventing yourself from melting.

Layering with light fabrics

You've been there—stepping out of your house in the world's cutest outfit, only to realize that it just got ruined by sweat. It's frustrating, not to mention extremely uncomfortable. Don't fret, there is a great way to this situation without compromising on style: layering with light fabrics.

While some ultra-fitted dresses are arguably cute, during a hot summer day all they'll do is cling and stick on your body, making you absolutely miserable. The alternative? Lightweight fabrics that fall away from the body, while also being flattering —yes it's possible.

Take this Floral Ruched Ruffled Mini Dress as an example. It's lightweight, utterly cute, and figure-hugging without actually suffocating you to your death. Need another alternative? This ethereal blush pink in a rose print maxi dress is even more flowy yet chic and feminine. Pair it up with your go-to strappy heels or dress it down with a pair of white sneakers. The styling possibilities are endless.

Light-colored clothes for summer

Look, we get it! You are a gal who loves throwing on an all-black outfit all day every day. Chances are that you might find it extremely hard to get rid of your "uniform" and opt for some light colors when it's blazing hot outside. However, we are 90% sure that you will change your mind as soon as you really dive deep into the world of elegant pastels, striking floral rompers, and all-white shirt dresses. Best part? You can literally style your light-colored fashion finds with almost everything. And, just in case you are in desperate need of a pop of color, go with an all-over-printed dress.

Two-piece sets to beat the summer heat

So, you've already filled your wardrobe with warm-weather-appropriate outfits, but the 90-degrees weather decided to follow you to your night-out as well. Instead of not being able to enjoy your delicious, fruity cocktail thanks to your skin-tight dress, maybe it would be best to opt for a palm two-piece set. Why? We wear you ask. Well, it's not only an extremely lightweight fashion option that can cover pretty much every occasion but also, you practically just scored two pieces at once.

Wear them together, or mix and match, the outcome will remain the same. It offers the perfect opportunity to be bold this summer whilst still staying cool.

If you are absolutely sick and tired of closing your eyes and pretending you’re on a beach, maybe it's not the perfect time to reclaim your style while keeping yourself away from the heat. The aforementioned fashion options were just a glimpse of what we have to offer over at Category London. You can feel free to browse through our virtual shelves and score some investment-worthy warm weather essentials just in time for August.

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