7 Influencer-Approved Ways To Wear The Top 2021 Fashion Trends

7 Influencer-Approved Ways To Wear The Top 2021 Fashion Trends

One thing is certain. The top 2021 fashion trends want you to rethink your relationship with comfort and wearability-and we couldn't be more on board with the idea! Gal, we know what you are thinking! Comfy-cozy fits? It's something you've probably done a million times before after more than a year of slumber-ready sweatpants, slouchy tees, and DIY coffee recipes. You'll be happy to hear that 2021's easy-to-wear trends have nothing in common with your winter of isolation "uniform". The best part? Our social media feeds are already flooded with influencer-approved ways to style your future cold-weather ensembles. Here's a sneak peek: 


The weather might still be relatively warm, however, street style gurus are already serving inspiration for the new it trend: leather. Seems like everyone keeps dropping the same fall shopping hint: Now is the right time to cop all-things-leather. From figure-flattering leather skirts to surprisingly comfortable leather dresses and, of course, staple leather trousers, the list goes on and on. 

top left image by JONATHAN DANIEL PRYCE , top right  image by SANDRA SEMBURG , bottom left and right images by PINTEREST



Category London's  Steel Blue Skirt Set 

Consider it as the top 2021 fashion trend for women that's equal parts edgy and elegant - it can't get better than that, babe! Take a look at our favorite tips to build a capsule wardrobe in 2021. Spoiler alert: it includes our-trusted leather staples too. 

Vibrant suits are definitely on trend 

Yes, we know! Suits? For fall? Groundbreaking! Well, 2021 has something different to bring to the table. Flaming pink is everyone's favorite novelty color for autumn and winter. Sure, it's a whole new take. We are used to seeing neutral-colored layering, but let us tell you, this is your one-way ticket to sartorial greatness. Layer it with a white turtleneck, throw on a black maxi coat over it and you are good to go!  

left  image by Sonia Lyson , right   image by Atlantic Pacific 


Category London's  Blazing Red & Pink Pant Set  

Just in case you want to take things to the extreme, we are with you, babe! Opt for our Leopard Pant Set. The aforementioned styling tips apply to this scenario as well. 


Think upgraded classics with intricate details and flattering silhouettes! Soft, lightweight knitwear is once again here to grace us with its comfort, however, this time we let freedom of movement and sexiness take the wheel. Neutral-colored sets that can reveal the skin here and there adorned with unique detailing are the next cool-girl thing to flaunt around! 

left  image by fashionactivation  , right image   by CHRISTIAN VIERIG 


Category London's  So Twisted Pant Set

Now it's time to put everything to the test! But, before you start swapping your card, take a look at our quick guide on how to dress according to your zodiac sign. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to get even more inspo for your next sweater-weather looks. Hop over to visit Category London to find more splurge-worthy fashion to add to your seasonal wardrobe. 

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